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Gender Woman
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Age 54 years
Height 172 cm (5'8'')
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Availability Outcall & Incall
Meet with Women & Men & Trans & Disabled Clients
Website sexypussycat.dk
Country Denmark
Region / City Jylland: Vejle
Languages Danish / English
Phone +45  30537114
Appearance Normal body, Shaved completely, Natural breasts, Long hair, Has tattoos, Has piercings, Breast size Medium (C, D)
Provides BDSM, Anal, 69 position, Kissing, French kissing, Urine, Blowjob without condom, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Groupsex (2+), Girlfriend experience (GFE), Fisting, Gagging
I am a naughty and seductive mature woman of 55 who is just waiting to be allowed to pamper you and fulfill your cheeky desires and innermost fantasies. I am 172 cm tall and my 75 kg are beautifully distributed, so I have a good ass and lovely pierced d-bowls breasts as well as a very intimate pussy with large labia. Do you need warm love sex in quiet idyllic surroundings or maybe play with dominant woman .... whether it is for domination or as a long-term slave Are you going to fantasize about playing with a pierced woman .... Then you've definitely come to the right one! Smiles very boldly


DKK 250
Phone Sex - Up to 15 min
DKK 350
webcam - up to 15 min
DKK 1000
½ hour gentle sex
DKK 1300
½ hour dominance
DKK 1800
1 hour happy sex
DKK 2200
1 hour dominance