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Gender Woman
Age 35 years
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Phone +45  70210026
Appearance Silicone breasts
Provides Kissing, Groupsex (2+)
Offering: Everything gentle, genuine kiss, deep French, gentle slave girl, more advanced, advanced. Receives Greek and preferably several guys and couples. Pictures from November 2018. Melissa is nothing short of a true MILF! Great charisma, with cheeky cat eyes, a welcoming smile and a flattery of the ordinary. Her body is well-groomed and completely natural. The breasts are 100% genuine, playful and soft. Hense's waist is narrow and the hips round. Melissa has a delicious round meal and she loves to get small, loving flaps on it. She is the girl who knows what she wants and gives herself fully. She does not compromise with either sex or attire. She is lovely suntan and fragrant and you will always meet her in cheeky French piquantries and tall stilts.