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Gender Woman
Age 26 years
Height 160 cm (5'3'')
Weight 51 kg (112 lbs)
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Fyn: Odense
Languages Danish
Phone +45  65905115
Appearance Slim body, Natural breasts, Breast size Medium (C, D)
Provides Anal
Nikita 26 years 160 cm / 51 kg Genuine D-bowl breasts Special: All gentle shapes N ikita. A wonderful and beautiful brunette as taken out of Aladin's coolest imagination !! 100% Danish girl. Fashionable face surrounded by numb-long dark lures !! Little petit nips object! Only 160 cm high and 51 kg. Yet she presents a lovely big and not least genuine D-bow's bosom! Naughty spanking melons just waiting for attention! The legs are slim and silky and end up in the cheeky little slippery fog that loves sweets !! The hindquarters are small, tight and beautifully heart shaped! Perfect for Greek cocktails !!! The neighbor's cheeky daughter for full screw !! Beautiful and feminine. Always wearing sexy cocktails, hip holders, stockings and towering stilettos. Nikita offers all gentle forms of hot eroticism, succulent cocktails, erotic pirate bundles and the naughty Greek games! Warm and sensual lessons with a warm-blooded 26 year-old cheeky !! Nikita is total debut and therefore has no pictures yet. Come and welcome her to the ship girls on Sunday, December 30th!