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Gender Woman
Age 32 years
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Phone +45  35552014
Appearance Slim body, Natural breasts, Breast size XL (G+)
Provides Girlfriend experience (GFE)
Welcome to this star. Sweet, gracious, service minded city heart, insatiable sex drive, mentally, bodily and emotionally gifted. Beautiful and with a cannon radiance. The perfect mistress frolic for the busy businessman and the hot, passionate bang for the naughty boy's ass. Anna's got it all. Incredibly sweet, warm, loving and with a sex drive that ranks you more than full value for money. Anna is genuine all the way through and very generous with both time, service and presence. She forgets about time and space as she immerses herself in your enjoyment. Giving and receiving is important to the beautiful, in perfect symbiosis and harmony, for your shared experience. She has an incredibly pretty face and a charisma that you get caught in. Beautiful, warm, sparkling jade green eyes that infect anyone with their positivity and flirtatious glitter. An exceptionally nice and charming smile that comes right from the heart and is not to stand for. Soft, sensual suckling and kissing lips and a string of white, well-groomed teeth. Her golden-brown shoulder-length lures, framing her charming face and haunting your lusty body by light touches. Anna has a beautiful body with beautiful, feminine curves that sit exactly where they should. Just like a real man likes a woman. Big, real H-bowl breasts, you finally can't keep yourself from growing. A hit for baboomans. Grow them, kiss them, call them, and give them full attention. You will be fully rewarded by Anna's desire and desire, which turns on even more of your touches. A naughty Greek-loving ass who invites Greek delicacies. Just get into the forbidden, tight entrance. Slim, well-curved legs, assembled in a lacquered bikini trimmed pussycat. Didn't you have fantasized about swiping your beautiful, female boss? Now you have the opportunity. Anna is the powerful leader on a daily basis. When the day's duties are over, she descends from the chief chair, takes a seat on the naughty sheets and lets the playful babe get on the track. Here you get intense, present-day love experiences in a class that you will forget late. Your secret girlfriend under the stars gives you everything you need and more for. What's not to like? Dressed in beautiful, feminine picnics, corsages, waistband and of course high heels. Only hit Cassiopeia Mail address:


Saturday 22 Jun 2019
Cassiopeiastars: 16-22