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Gender Woman
Height 160 cm (5'3'')
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Phone +45  39665737
Appearance Breast size Medium (C, D)
Claudia  _________________________________________________________    Hello beautiful men.    If you're into a hot, naughty princess who's crazy about you, it's me to visit.    I am a small innocent beautiful young woman of only 160cm and 45kg. My CC bowls I love to show off, and I look forward to letting you get beyond them.    My bright lures and beautiful eyes complete the experience with me.    Find me on the roster and come and have an unforgettable experience with me. I'm looking forward to meeting you.    The warmest smiles and hugs, Claudia.     __________________________________________________________    Check on the duty schedule when you meet me.