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Gender Woman
Age 26 years
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Website cassiopeiastars.dk
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Phone +45  35552014
Appearance Slim body, Natural breasts
We welcome this crazy beautiful Greek show dancer, which is a gift for gentlemen with a sense of beauty and sensuality. Beautiful as a dream, passionate about sensuality and sweetness, she seduces you to the gentle present love that brings you to a completely different dimension. Katharina has the most beautiful face with big, beautiful dark brown eyes with the naughty glimpse in. Her smile is pale and full of charm and her teeth are beautiful and well-groomed. Her long almost black lures emphasize her southern beauty and sensuality. You will be greeted by the most beautiful body. Slim and smooth, but still with beautiful feminine shapes. Her beautiful stiff breasts love a man's loving touches. Narrow waist and a nice round, heart shaped strutpopo. Ultra long field-stretched legs. The miss is spicy, tight, warm, wet and inviting. Katharina's natural beauty is dazzling and not at all to stand for. You meet her in French piquants and stilettes. Fixed guards: Tuesdays 22 - 04 Thursdays 22 - 04 Fridays 22 - 06 odd weeks Email: katharina.cass@hotmail.com


Thursday 20 Jun 2019
Cassiopeiastars: 22-04
Friday 21 Jun 2019
Cassiopeiastars: 22-06