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Gender Woman
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Age 22 years
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Phone +45  35251607
Appearance Slim body, Breast size Small (A, B)
Provides BDSM
Hi boys! I am a fantastic Swedish blonde, the perfect combination of beautiful innocent face, totally feminine curves and the most naughty way of thinking you can imagine.    I am petit and very slim, with long elegant legs that stop at my shaved and irresistible tight miss. My ass is firm and round like a peach - my B-bowl's bar is perfect with large sensitive nipples that become stiff by the slightest touch. My shoulder-long hair is bright, I have big blue eyes and my soft lips will get you in ecstasy.    I've always been kinky, and I'm fresh on an adventure with you and try a lot of new naughty things.    I love to use my touch, voice and toys to get all the way to your inner, wildest fantasy and soul, or get you down on a knee in worship of me. I turn on wearing costumes and playing role-playing with you, but a quick, raw quickie can just as well make me cry out in ecstasy. I am a greedy girl and want it all.    I offer both gentle and quiet sex, as well as a quick and a little hard fuck, domination, role playing and bondage (for you) and I have the following costumes: nun, nurse, secretary / librarian    I am looking forward to meeting you    Victoria        Hi boys! I'm a gorgeous Swedish blonde, the perfect combination of a beautiful, innocent soft face, all natural feminine curves and the dirtiest mind you'll encounter. I'm petite and slender, with long, elegant legs, bald and unbelievably tight pussy, peach-shaped ass and perfectly perky B cup breasts with big, sensitive nipples that stiff at the slightest touch. My shoulder length hair is bouncy and light, my eyes are big and blue and my lips are so soft they'll make you melt.    I've always been kinky and I'm ready for adventure with you, to try new things together and have a lot of dirty fun. I love to use my voice, my touch and my toys to you, pull you into your wildest fantasy or bring you to your knees in front of me in worship. Dressing up in costumes and playing games with you turns me on so fast and ready fuck is just as good a way to make me cry out in ecstasy. You've lived until now, you've been to the top of you. I'm a greedy girl and I want it all.    I offer gentle, tender sex as well as fast and a little rough, dominance, role play and bondage (for you) and have the following costumes: nun, nurse, secretary / librarian.    I can't wait to meet you!  Victoria