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Gender Woman
Age 25 years
Availability Incall
Meet with Men
Country Denmark
Region / City Sjælland: Copenhagen
Languages Danish
Phone +45  70210026
Appearance Shaved completely, Silicone breasts
Provides Gagging, Pornstar
Offer: Everything gentle, lighter advanced. With the guarantee of Denmark's best and deepest French. Gagging and DEEP THROAT! Pictures from 21 / 03-18 A real porn babe of those naughty and best looking. Smilla has participated in some Danish porn movies. Smilla has a beautiful face with enchanting blue eyes, a cheeky and full-bodied suckling mouth, and an absolutely stunning face that is framed by dark lingering lures. Smilla has a top-tune well-groomed porn body and a 100% shaved tight flaw. Smilla calls herself a French specialist and loves to give French. Smilla has some body decorations, and is always wearing delicious underwear, cheeky dresses and high stilettos.